Our Company

We specialize in quality children's apparel, but also carry accessories, gifts, toys, and even things for mom and dad. Global Garb travels across the U.S. to seek unique and exciting items for your special little ones. We carry a variety of clothing lines from all over the world! We try hard to keep most of our items cotton or natural fibers. Your little loved ones deserve the very best!

Shopping with us is a breeze! We do most of the work for you. Each item carried in our store is handselected for quality, value, and style. Our big kid clothing is carefully chosen to meet both our parents' and child's needs. We only select items that are age-appropriate and non-aggressive/violent. However, we also know how important it is for kids to feel trendy and stylish too.

We are proud to provide parents with a safe shopping experience. Every item placed in our inventory has already met a set of rigorous criteria before getting through to our customers. We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with us.